Cross Format De-Identification

Cross Format De-Identification introduction

It is now possible to de-identify PHI with both HL7 and XML consistently. Three simple steps are required to begin.

  1. Use the same dictionary.
    1. Create a new dictionary
    2. In both apps: Click TOOLS → Option… → Settings → Enable Re-apply rules and replacement data across multiples files.
    3. For a dictionary called CrossFormatDeid. Write the file name in both app: C:\ProgramData\Caristix\Carisitx Workgroup\Temp\CrossFormatDeid.dic
  2. Make sure the ID checkbox is set in both applications. It is used by the dictionary to uniquely identify patients.
    1. Scroll right in the field section in Messaging v2 and in the x-path section in Messaging v3 to find the ID checkboxes.
  3. The new rule property 'Name' is used to link rules for HL7 with rules for XML.
    1. So, to de-identify an XML field the same way it was in HL7, use the same rule name for both rules.
    2. For instance, you can name the rule for HL7 PID.5.2: Patient Family Name. Use the same name for the XML //”[local-name()=’name’]/*[local-name()=’family’] rule. This way, fake patient name will be reused from the dictionary.
    3. For the same de-identification, write the same name to both rules.
    4. All rules without a name or do not have a twin in the other format will not be crossed.

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