Validate Messages

The Message Validation tool lets you compare an HL7 log against a profile in order to flag conformance gaps. This is useful when you need to troubleshoot data flow in a live interface that has been documented in Caristix Workgroup.

  1. From the Main Menu, click HL7 MESSAGING, Validate… A new Message Validation window appears.
  2. [Optional]You can choose the profile from which your messages will be validated. Otherwise, the default profile will be used.
  3. Click File, Open messages. A new window appears.


  4. Click Add… and navigate to the log file you want to add. Click Open in the file folder pane.
  5. In the Open log files window, click the Next button. The messages load in the Message Validation window.


  6. The Warnings pane displays conformance gaps flagged by the application.

From the Message Validation tool, you can right-click any messages and open the Message Editor tool, or view the Message Definition