Access a Library

To access a shared library, follow these steps:

    • On the right-hand side of the Main Menu, click the LOGIN button.
    • Enter the following information:
 Label Value to enter
Server URL This is the default value. If Caristix Workgroup is deployed within your organization, ask the person who invited you for the Server URL.
Email Your email address The email address must be the one you used to register to the service.  Please refer to the invite email for more details.
Password Your password The initial password was provided in the invite email.  We recommend you change it the first time you log in to the system.
  • Click Login
  • If you can access more than one Library, a dialog will appear:
    • Select the library you want to connect to
    • Click Select

Once logged in, the Library is accessible.

The HL7 Reference folder contains standard HL7 International profiles. They are the official profiles as defined by the standardization organization. They are read-only and are used as reference only. However, you can create copies in a new folder for further customization.

The other folders contain profiles created and shared by you and your team members. Feel free to take a look at them.