String-Comparison Validation


Some tasks return content using a string representation. In those cases, basic string-comparison validations can be applied.



  • [Enable/Disable]: If checked, the string-comparison will be included in the validation process.
    • Must Contain: If selected, the result string must contain the specified value.
    • Must Not Contain: If selected, the result must not contain the specified value.
    • Contains at least one of these: If selected, the value must contain at least one value of the many “Contain at least one of these” rules specified in the list.
  • VALUE: The string value to compare the result to.


Sample Result to Validate

This area contain the string representation of an execution result. The default value displayed is the latest task’s result. You can display a previous result, if available, using the Right-Click menu item “Previous Results”. You can also use this text area to add validation rules. Highlight the text you want as the VALUE for your validation, then Right-Click and select “Add Validation”.