Profile Reports

Generate profile reports of an interface specification:

  1. Under the Document view, right-click a profile and select Export Profile, To Word Document… A new screen opens.
  2. Select the trigger events, segments, data types, and tables you want to include in your report. Click Apply.
  3. Then browse to the destination to save the .docx document and enter a File name. Click Save.
  4. Microsoft Word opens, and you’ll be asked to update fields; click Yes. The report is displayed.
  5. Scroll to navigate within the report.
  6. Click the hyperlinks within the document to specific sections within the reports for segments, data types and tables.
  7. You can open the document directly using Microsoft Word 2007 or later.

Note: You can also synch your profile.  This feature allows a user to update the Word document directly and synchronize the profile library with the upload document content.