Configure the Record Panel

Unless deactivated, the Record configuration panel should be triggered each time you hit the Record button.

You can also access the panel by clicking the gear icon on the upper-right corner of the main window, then selecting the Record tab.

The configuration panel contains 3 items:

  • IP Address: This is your IP address. The IP address should look like a series of numbers (example: “”). Localhost is not supported.
  • Port: This is the port you want to listen to. Make sure that firewalls are configured so that the sending system can establish a TCP connection to Message Player on that port. Contact your organization’s system administrator for help with this.

File Split Mode

  • All in one file: No split occurs. This is the optimal setting when you need to record a small number of messages.
  • Size: Split occurs when file reach a preset size (in MB). A number will be appended to the file name.
  • Message count: Split occurs when the file contains a preset number of messages. A number will be appended to the file name.