SAAS Offer

Simplify your HL7®/ FHiR® integration with Specialized Cloud Services

Caristix provides HL7, FHIR and health data integration at low cost with its cloud-based services offer. Depending of your situation, Specialized services can be deployed on the hospital’s network , on private cloud for clusters of hospitals as well as on public cloud providers on the Internet for early adopter customers. This offer of HL7/FHIR integration as a Service helps reduce by 50% the time, budget and schedule required for the deployment.


Caristix HL7 Definition

HL7 Definition

Caristix HL7 Messaging

HL7 Messaging

Caristix HL7 De-Identification

De-Identification BETA

Caristix HL7 FHIRIFY


See how Caristix provides HL7®/ FIHR® services
and features to meet customer’s expectations

Carisitix Apps

Caristix Apps

Caristix introduces a new generation specialized services for customers. Service are available at low cost on a « as a service » mode on the cloud. You’re a customer and just looking for specific HL7 services such as the validation of HL7 against the HL7 standard, then Caristix is the best place for you ! Just to subscribe to Caristix Apps at a cheap monthly subscription fee.

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Carisitx HL7 Definition Repository

Caristix HL7 Definition Repository

Caristix provides and manages a freely available web site about HL7 standard and rerefence. The repository web site describes in detail each trigger event, segment, data type, and table structure as specified by the standard. Site is useful and helps the system integration industry to master the subject, be more productive and lower system integration hurdles. Like the 30,000 individuals visiting the reposity each month, get access to the Caristix HL7 Definition Repository.

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De-Identification as a Service

Caristix offers a de-identification service on the cloud at very low cost for protecting and securing patient health information. This specialized service performs the substitution of the HIPAA 18-identifiers and quasi-identifiers in HL7 messages. Customer with a valid subscription can submit files and HL7 messages to perform de-identification of the patient ID before sharing health data.

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Professional Service

HL7®/ FHIR® Expertise for Customers with Professionnal Service offer

With Caristix professionnal service you can meet your HL7/FHIR integration challenges with experienced expertise. Caristix offer eases the costs and pain of interfacing. Experience truly reliable interoperability.

The drivers and demands for interoperability have radically increased in the last few years in the healthcare industry. The days of siloed systems are long gone. Data exchange is a necessity in workflows. The number and complexity of interfaces has exploded and will continue to expand in the following years. Strong strategy and comprehensive architecture around interoperability are the keys to keeping your business on track.

Healthcare Interoperability Maturity Curve

HL7 SaAS -Graphic

Professional Service Offer

HL7 Interoperability-101 Package

Unique package in the industry providing hours of discussion and training time with an HL7/FHIR expert, a free Caristix Pinpoint licence and the delivery of a documented HL7 integration plan.




You need expertise in HL7 and FHIR ? You need to implement a HL7 to FHIR Gateway ? Don’t spend months building out your integration capabilities and unsnarling your web of interoperability needs. Let Caristix help you ! 

Health Data Integration Architecture

Caristix can help you to meet your business objectives. With its broad experience, Caristix can help you define a scalable and robust architecture. Our integration engine agnostic approach is the best solution to build the backbone that supports interoperability challenges

HL7/FHIR Integration Assessment

You have a complex health IT infrastruture and you need help to understand your big picture related to HL7/FHIR ?  You have issues with data quality? Ask help to Caristix to perform an HL7/FHIR assessment.