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Scrub Protected Patient Health Information (PHI) in HL7® Messages

De-identify HL7 Sensitive Data
and Protect PHI

Why is de-identification
important in health

Collect and share patient data without violating individual privacy laws.

Anonymization, pseudonymization and scrubbing technics of Patient
Health Information (PHI) prevents breach of patient sensitive data.

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Key Business Uses

  • HIT teams want to install, test, stage IT systems and software with real but non-sensitive data
  • Assist in dealing with internal and external health partners and providers (admittance, lab orders, lab results and so on)
  • Easily share health pseudonymized data with research and medical study groups
  • Easily share data integration with vendors and scrubbed patient ID data
  • Provide health statistics and data to the public (open data projects)

Protecting and Securing Patient
Health Information (PHI)

Product Description

Caristix Cloak is an effective software tool for de-identifying HL7 messages. The software allows HIT specialists and integration engine software to generate anonymized or even pseudonymized data. Cloak is available as a standalone software for workstation or as a Web Service for server. Server Edition is best to embed de-ID within your integration engines.

How it works ?

Cloak performs substitutions of the HIPAA 18 identifiers in HL7 messages converting them into dummy patient-ID. Cloak’s persistency and source generator are strong differentiators in the health industry.


Cloak keeps the mapping of all original patient-ID value with their substituted identifiers (dummy). This mapping can provide the full history of all medical events per patient-ID in order to have the big picture of the clinical treatments while compliant to PHI. Which is crucial to clinical staff, health specialists, IT and many others.

Custom substitution source generator

Cloak includes a built-in substitution fields as source generator. Cloak is customizable with your own source data for the substitution generator. The software supports 11 data sources such as SQL query, Text, Excel and so on.

Capabilities and Features

Desktop Edition

Server Edition

Compliant with HIPAA-PHI rules cloak tab
Safe Harbor and Expert Determination cloak tab cloak tab
Customizable de-identification rules cloak tab cloak tab
Free text de-identification support cloak tab cloak tab
De-identification in batch cloak tab cloak tab
Scale up to millions of HL7 messages cloak tab cloak tab
Download data from your integration engines cloak tab
Retrieve data from ODBC database cloak tab
De-identify from live feed (real time) cloak tab
Web Service deployment cloak tab

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