HL7® Testing Tool

HL7 Test Automation and Simulation

Why Simulate and Test messages ?

Before enabling any new medical device or software upgrade, patch or
fix, best practice requires a series of tests and simulations with
“production-like” HL7 messages.

Testing any change and config with a specialized test software is mandatory
in any complex IT environment. Test results provide insights to adjust and
fine tune technical configurations. Best management practices recommend
that tests should be performed regularly on every component of
the Health IT ecosystem to prevent any failure, disruption of service
and data integrity problems with patient data.

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Business drivers for Test

  • Increase integration quality and minimize risk of non-compliancy events post-go-live
  • Certify when deploying or replacing a new solution
  • Re-certify the system integration when upgrading or replacing a system
  • Re-certify the system integration when updating clinical workflows
  • Build a production-like testing environment managed 100% by the integration team
  • Scale up your QA team
  • Reduce testing time and get the integration to production sooner
  • Reduce test and validation costs
  • Increase integration test coverage
  • Re-use test scripts and share test data among the team
  • Document and increase visibility on testing status and results
  • Separate implementation testing from User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • Predict performance and system load before go-live

HL7 Testing Tool

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  • Manage all testing scripts through a point and click user interface
  • Listen to and send messages, interact directly with databases and web services.
  • Supports HL7, XML or other formats messages (millions of messages)
  • Generate data-rich messages at run-time
  • Automate data flow and messages testing
  • Automate results validation and generate test reports
  • Replay tests when needed to follow up on issues
  • Embed your automated tests execution with any other automated solution

Product Description

Test by Caristix provides a full staging and simulation platform to perform global integration testing of any medical device or health system before integration go-live. Test software tool provides testing scenarios and test results in easy to read format.

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