HL7® Specification Tool.
Manage HL7® specs created from actual messages.


HL7’ message structure is a computer syntax with fields separated by delimiters which are not user friendly. Because HL7 standard is, by design, flexible and can adapt to all possible workflows, data exchanges between systems implementingthe standard are not 100% compatible. Data exchanged varies for each system or each implementation of the same system.

In addition to how vendors interpret the standard, you may/will find specific customised implementation events, Z-segments, fields, data types or code sets. There is no plug & play method when it comes time to integrate systems using HL7; you need an easy way to define and describe how the data will be exchanged.

Conformance enables you to build, document and understand each system’s HL7 specifications, translate it into conformance profiles and define exactly what actions are required to integrate systems.

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Business Drivers

  • Scope your integration project early in the process and decrease your scope creep and project risks
  • Manage changes in integration of LIMS, EMR, medical devices or integration engine
  • Automatically creates a list of transformations required to exchange informations between two systems
  • Determine the impact of integration changes
  • Understand HL7 implementation differences and detect technical and clinical workflow interoperability issues
  • Create and share documentation of your HL7 ecosystem fast & easily

Conformance solution

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  • Extract HL7 messages from EMR, ADT, LIS, Radiology, medical devices and interface engines
  • Create HL7 conformance profiles directly from HL7 messages
  • Document and share your entire HL7 environment in MS Word, Excel and/or XML formats
  • Compare 2 systems, highlight gaps and export into a report
  • Validate conformance messages to any standards version or your own HL7 specification

Product Description

Conformance simplifies message integration among medical devices, middleware software such as LIS, EMR, Radiology and integration engines.

Create your HL7 profiles automatically. Understand complex messages by conducting a reverse engineering of HL7 messages. Conformance profiles can then be shared and used to manage integration projects.

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