Find the needle in a HL7 haystack

View, Search, Filter, Inspect
and Modify HL7 Messages

Why Search and Filter HL7 ?

Dealing with HL7 brings all sorts of challenges. Even with a simple tasks as manipulating messages is hard, data volume is high, and HL7 format is not obvious to read without proper tooling. Pinpoint helps you read, inspect, modify, search and filter messages based on criteria that matched focusing on data that matters.
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Typical Use Cases

  • Read tons of HL7 messages from large files, databases or directly from your
    integration engine
  • Understand data exchanged for each patient
  • Troubleshoot integration issues by quickly extracting and inspecting message flows
  • Generate lists of codes and reports by patient’s attributes such as age, sex or last
    clinical event
  • Correlate HL7 content among millions of messages
  • Extract HL7 data from large data sets to build validation scripts

Pinpoint solution



  • View and edit HL7 messages from any health system such as EMR, LIS, ADT, Radiology, interface
    engines as well as databases and plain text files
  • Create and configure simple or complex filters based on HL7 fieldva lue or message structure
  • List code sets used and generates data reports

Product Description

Pinpoint is the best tool to read, edit, search, and retrieve any specific HL7 message or group of messages from large amounts of data. Advanced filtering capability makes inspection and editing of messages easy as well as the removal of segments of messages. Pinpoint can display HL7 messages in several views making it easy to understand your data.

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