Message Structure

Viewing Messages in Pinpoint

Pinpoint software includes several features that provide detailed information about the messages and values contained in HL7 logs.

Message Structure

When you are analyzing a message log, you sometimes need to quickly capture an overview of a message or segment. Pinpoint provides a message definition feature.

In the Messages area, right-click anywhere in a segment and select Message Structure. A Message Structure dialog box appears, with details on the field position, field names, and values in each field.


Available Actions

  • You can add Data Filter, Sort or Data Distribution by right-clicking a field.
  • You can save the message as HL7 v2.x, CSV or XML format.
  • You can filter-out elements from the message tree.
    • Message Content: If selected, the message values (blue) will be shown in the message tree.
    • Missing Elements: If selected, the missing segments/fields will be displayed (grayed out).
    • Required Elements: If selected, the required segment/field will be displayed.
    • Non-Required Elements: If selected, the non-required elements (such as optional, conditional, etc.) will be displayed.


When you are analyzing a message log, you sometimes need to know the position of a field. Pinpoint lets you determine the position (and the name of the field) without counting pipes.

Click anywhere in the Messages area, then hover over a field. A mouse-over tooltip appears, listing the field name and position.