Validate Field = Field1 from outbound message

How to build a Segment/Field rule validating that a message received field has the same value as a field from the previous sent message

In this example, we’ll validate values for PID.3.1 in the received message is equal to PID.3.1 in the previous sent message.

  1. In the inbound HL7 task, select the Validation tab
  2. Select the Segment/Field Validation tab
  3. Add the rule: PID.3.1 is = @HL7(“Scenario\Action\Send HL7 Message”,”PID.3.1″) where refers to the PID.3.1 value of the message defined in the previous task (Send HL7 Message)


You can download the rule file for use in Caristix Workgroup or Test software. 

Download the rule file (Field = Field1 from outbound msg.cxf)

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