Time and budget reduction of 50% of your integration projects where HL7/FHIR is involved. Money and time saved by Caristix solutions and services can be used to mitigate the issues of labor shortage in the health IT industry

How Caristix Helps Clients

Health It Team Lead

Health IT Team Lead

Quick HL7 assessment

Minimize analyze time of any HL7 data interface & recommendations.

Reduce HL7 complexity

Allow rapid integration of any interface to your HL7 ecosystem. Track and fix HL7 integration problems.

Fully compatible with your ecosystem

Caristix software supports hundred types of medical device technologies, EMR, LIS/LISM, radiology, ADT and so on.
HL7/FHIR Dev and Support

HL7/FHIR Dev and Support

HL7/FHIR software

Install and manage software to read HL7 messages, decode & validate HL7, perform gap analysis, edit messages, de-identify patient-ID and test HL7 interfaces.

HL7 Specifications & integration

Reverse engineering HL7 messages against HL7 spec v2.1 through v2.7. Use connectors to accelarate integration with commercial and opensource health solutions.
Startup Health CEO

Startup Health CEO

Low cost integration with hospital Health IT

No need to develop an expensive in-depth expertise about HL7/FHIR integration.

Integration results guaranteed

Powered by specialized integration solutions
and services.

Turnkey and flexible deployment

Integration as-a-Service deployment cloud based is awesome for integration, transformation, security and formatting. Good fit for startups.