Create Profile Based on HL7 Reference

Copy a Reference Profile

This method is useful when you have a large volume of message types and trigger events to document, based on a specific HL7 version. If your specification is more limited, consider building a profile from individual message elements.

  1. From the Documents screen, right-click the HL7 reference standard appropriate to the new profile you want to create.
  2. Select Copy.
  3. If needed, create a new Folder, right-click and select New, Folder.
  4. On the destination folder, right-click and select Paste.
  5. A new profile labeled Copy of HL7 v2.x.cxp appears. This profile includes all messages, segments, fields, and data types from the HL7 version you selected.
  6. Rename the profile.


You will need to edit the profile to reflect the specification. Go to Editing a Profile to learn more.