Using Extra Content

What is Extra Content?

Extra Content enables you build profiles that include more than the official HL7 content.

Basic profiles, without Extra Content, enable you to define message-related structure and content through trigger events, segments, fields, tables, etc. In turn, each of those elements are described through attributes such as Sequence, Name, Optionality, etc. software include set of attributes describing profiles and profile entities. Extra Content lets you add new elements and new attributes.

For instance, you may want to add a change history table to a profile, in order to track changes over time. Or you might want to add an extra column to store source descriptions for code set values. Both of these can be added using Extra Content. This content will be displayed as part of the profile, exactly the same way standard HL7-related elements and attributes are displayed.

What is an Extra Content Template?

An Extra Content Template is a set of extra elements and attributes that you bundle together.

The Extra Content template itself doesn’t contain any data. Instead it defines the containers (or placeholders) for your data. An Extra Content Template represents the structure of the content you add to a profile. You can set up a Template and use it across one or more profiles. Once a profile is associated with an Extra Content Template, you can enrich the profile definition by populating the Extra Content areas.

How Does an Extra Content Template Work?

Please refer to the following sections for more information: