De-identification Process Report

PDF Report

At the end of the de-identification process, Workgroup offers the option of generating a De-identification Process Report that summarizes the de-identification process. This report can be viewed and shared. The PDF opens automatically upon completion. For later review, navigate to the specified folder when the PDF was stored and click on the file to open it.

The De-identification Process Report has two parts:

  • De-identification Process Summary: Protected Health Information
  • De-identification Configuration Summary

The De-identification Process Summary: Protected Health Information

This section of the report lists the following:

  • time of de-identification
  • computer name and IP address that generated the report
  • HL7 reference profile used
  • total number of messages processed for de-identification.

Files sub-section:

  • file structure in which the de-identified file was saved
  • location, names and number of messages of the original initial file and the de-identified file produced by Cloak.

The De-identification Configuration Summary

This section identifies the de-identification file name and location and presents tables of three summaries of the de-identification process:

  • Primary Key/ID: Lists the HL7 field used to persist identification throughout message streams.
    • Information reported includes: Segment, Field, Component and Sub component.
  • Data Types: Identifies data types selected for de-identification.
    • Information reported includes: Data Type, Component, Generator Type and Settings.
  • Fields: Identifies the fields selected for de-identification.
    • Message information reported includes Segment, Field, Component and Sub-component, Generator Type, and Settings.