Execute Command


An Execute Command task allows you to interact with other applications during a test using command-line commands.  For instance, call a cmd script to delete files or prepare content for subsequent tasks.


Create a new “Execute Command” task

  1.  Right-click the name of the parent Action the new task will be created in
  2. Select Add New Task –> Execute Command
  3. New Task appears under the parent Action.
  4. Edit the task name as needed.


Configuring an “Execute Command” task

  1. Set timing: Specify the wait time before and after execution.  Wait times give a sending or receiving system enough time to initiate. They also add a pause between action executions.
  2. Comnand line path:  Enter the full path and file name of the application to start.  Use the browse button to start an application stored on your local computer.
  3. Arguments:  Enter any argument the application might need to start.


Add validation rules

Validations rules can be added to confirm that the execution result is as expected.