Validate Field does not contain a set of characters

How to build a Segment/Field rule validating that a field does not contain a set of characters

We’ll validate that PID.19 (SSN Number) doesn’t contain any letters or dashes.

    1. In the inbound HL7 task, select the Validation tab
    2. Select the Segment/Field Validation tab
    3. Add the rule:  PID.19 is matching regex ^[^a-zA-Z-]+$

      The rule means that from the beginning of the field value (^) up to the end ($), there are no characters (^) found in the following ranges:

      • from a to z (lower case letters),
      • from A to Z (upper case letters) and
      • the dash (“-“) character. 

 You can download the rule file for use in Caristix Workgroup or Test software.

Download the rules file (Field not containing some characters.cxf)

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