SQL Query

This generator pulls data from an SQL-accessible database.

How to configure this generator to use SQL query results as test values

  • Select a database connection. If no database connections are configured, click Connections… to set up a connection.
  • Enter the SQL query. You can use the embedded Query Builder to help you build the query.
  • Restrict to values between. Will only use values that are within the specified limits.
  • Include random blanks. Allowing random blanks will mean that you generate empty strings among the values for use in the field or data type.
Example #1: Generated Values
  • Connection: Connection1
  • Query: SELECT name FROM employees
  • Restrict to values between: 1 and 20 characters
  • Include random blanks: Unchecked
John Smith
Jane Doe
Road Runner
The Coyote
Tweety Bird