Execute Manual Task


Manual tasks pause the execution of the scenario and wait for a manual intervention from the user. A manual task can  be an interaction with a 3rd party application or just a way to pause the execution so extra manual validation can be done.  It’s up to the user to confirm whether the task succeeds.


Create a new Manual task

  1.  Right-click the name of the parent Action the new task will be created in.
  2. Select Add New Task –> Execute Manual Task
  3. New Task appears under the parent Action.
  4. Edit the task name as needed.


Configuring a Manual task

Manual tasks are very easy to configure.  Just enter instructions to the user explaining what to do.  The instructions will be displayed  on the screen when the scenario executes this task.  Once displayed, the execution will pause and wait for feedback from the user, based on whether the task succeeds or fails.  This feedback is integrated in the test execution report.



Each time the Manual Task is executed, a popup will be shown. From there, you can mark the task as succeeded, skipped or failed. If you set the task as failed, you can use the comment area to type what went wrong. The text will be added to the task validation errors.