Read HL7 File


A Read HL7 File task simulates a receiving system listening for HL7 messages on specific files. Validation can be done on the messages received.


Create a new “Read HL7 File” task

  1. Right-click the name of the parent Action the new task will be created in
  2. Select Add New Task –> Read HL7 File
  3. New Task appears under the parent Action
  4. Edit the task name as needed


A new task is added at the end of the current action. Drag and drop to change the task order.


Configuring a “Read HL7 File” task

There are several options to configure:

  1. Set timing: Specify the wait time before and after execution. Wait times give a sending or receiving system enough time to initiate and add a pause between action executions.
  2. Directory: Specify the directory where the HL7 Files to be read are located.
    • Recursive: If checked, the task will read HL7 messages in all sub-folders of the specified directory.
  3. Filename pattern: The filename pattern will be used by the task to find which files to read from the specified directory.
    • Example: With the filename pattern “*.hl7”, the task will read each file with the extension “.hl7” contained in the specified directory.
    • If Regular Expression is checked, the filename pattern will be evaluated using the Regular Expression rules.


Add validation rules

Validations rules can be added to confirm the received messages are as expected. Several validation types can be added.