Invite Other Users

You can invite others to join your Library so you can all work on the same documents and artifacts when needed.  That would avoid multiple versions of the same document going around.

To invite a new users to join your Library:

  • Log in to a Library in Caristix Workgroup.
  • In the menu bar, on the right, click the arrow beside your username
  • Click Manage Library. The Manage Library screen appears
  • Select the Users tab and click the Add… button.
  • Check the Administrator checkbox if the user is an administrator of the Library. Administrator rights cover management of the Library.  Administrator will automatically be assigned manager role to all folders.  We recommend giving administrator privileges to your core team members.
  • To configure group membership, see the Managing Groups section
  • To configure folder access for new users,  see the Managing Sharing and Privileges section
  • To configure user notifications, see the Managing Notifications section

An email is sent to new users notifying them of their new accounts. Users also get an automatically generated password.