System Variables

How to Use System Variables

System variables are quite useful to get contextual information regarding the suite execution.  This variables can be used to improve tasks reusability and speed up test definition.  Use them to build:

  • Validations
  • Messages
  • Paths and file names
  • Documentation


Here is the list of system variables:

Variable Name Description
${CxScenarioSuiteName} Name of the Scenario Suite
${CxScenarioName} Name of the task’s parent Scenario
${CxScenarioIteration} Current running iteration number for the Scenario
${CxActionName} Name of the task’s parent Action
${CxActionIteration} Current running iteration number for the Action
${CxTaskName} Name of the Task
${CxToday} The current Date
${CxNow} The current Date and Time


Using system variables, the last inbound and outbound messages are also accessible:

[Deprecated] – Use Criteria Editor

Variable (including example)


${CxLastOutboundMessage[%MSH.3%]} Returns content of MSH.3 from the last outbound message (last message sent)

OBX segment and OBX.5 being both repeatable, it returns content of 3rd repetition of OBX.5 in the 2nd OBX segment of the last outbound message

 ${CxLastInboundMessage[%PID.3%]} Returns content of PID.3 from the last inbound message (last message received)
${CxLastInboundMessage[%PID.3[3].4%]} PID.3 being repeatable, this expression returns content of the 4th component of the 3rd repetition of PID.3.