Validate Field is in list

This tutorial explains how to build a Segment/Field rule validating that a field value is in a list of values.

In this example, we’ll validate that PID.8 (Administrative Sex) is equal to one of the codes in the provided list.  In this case, you set the list within the validation rule.  To refer to a list defined in a conformance profile, see the How to validate field is in profile code set


  1. In the inbound HL7 task, select the Validation tab
  2. Select the Segment/Field Validation tab
  3. Add a rule: PID.8 is in M,F,U



The rule returns a pass (success) if it can find the PID.8 field value in the provided list of values. If it doesn’t, the validation fails.  Make sure each value is separated by a comma (“,”).


Download the rules file (Field is in list.cxf)

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