Find and Replace

Find and Replace

You can find and replace values in your messages. The Use filters option lets you find and replace within a field.


  1. Click on TOOLS -> Find
  2. Enter a value, example: App-32
  3. Option: select Use Filters to limit the search to a specific field
  4. Option:  Match case, if this option is checked, App-32 will be different than apP-32
  5. Option: Search up, if this option is checked, the search will find the previous occurrence of the value relative to the current cursor position
  6. Option: Use Regex, use .NET regular expression syntax to build filters. For advanced users with programming backgrounds. Learn more about regular expressions here:
  7. Click Find Next to reach the next occurrence of the specified value relative to the current cursor position


You can also use the Replace tab and specify a replacement value

  • Click Replace to replace currently highlighted occurrence
  • Click Replace All to replace all occurrences of that value