This generator retrieves a part of another variable value.

How to use the “Substring” generator

  • Select the pre-defined variable that the value will be extracted from.
  • Specify where the substring starts (first or any other character)
  • Specifiy where the substring ends (last or any other character)
  • Include random blanks. Including random blanks generates empty strings among the values for use in the field or data type.


The following examples use a pre-defined variable:

  • Variable name:  ${ReceivingFacility}
  • Variable type:  String
  • Variable static value:  FacilityA
Example #1: Generated Values
  • Based on ${ReceivingFacility}
  • From: First character
  • To: Last character
  • Include random blanks: unchecked
Example #2: Generated Values
  • Based on ${ReceivingFacility}
  • From Specific character: 2
  • To Specific character: 8
  • Include random blanks: unchecked