Message Prefixes

Handling Non-Standard Delimiters

Some interfacing technologies output non-standard message logs. In a raw state, they may be impossible to parse against an HL7-compliant standard. By adding a message prefix representing the extraneous data, you can load these logs in Pinpoint.

To add a message prefix:

  1. In the Main Menu, go to Tools, Options. Open the Delimiters tab.
  2. Select the Use message beginning delimiter checkbox.
  3. Enter the string that precedes the HL7 message (beginning of message delimiter).
  4. If this string is expected at the beginning of a new line, check the Beginning of line checkbox.
  5. By checking the Use custom regex checkbox, Pinpoint will treat this string as a regular expression instead of a static string.

You can also use message and segment ending delimiters.

Learn more about regular expressions here: