Create Profile from Message Elements

A Profile from Trigger Events, Segments, and Fields

You can also build a profile from individual message elements. This method is useful when the specification you are building is limited to a small subset of an HL7 version and when customization is extensive

  1. Navigate to the Documents pane, and right-click on a folder.
  2. Select New > Profile > Blank Profile.
  3. A new profile is created. Rename the profile.
  4. Double-click on the Profile to enter the Profile Explorer.
  5. Add trigger events and segments to build out the profile. There are two ways to do this, as follows.


Add an Event from an Existing Profile

You can add a trigger event or message type from one of the HL7 references or from a previously built profile.

  1. In the Documents pane, double-click on the profile you want to build out.

  2. In the Profile Explorer, right-click on the first node.

  3. Select Import, Trigger Event... In the Import from a Profile window, select the source Profile you want to import event from. A new window, Import selection, opens. (Click to enlarge image below)


Select the message types you would like to create. Note that you can expand the tree view to select individual events. In the Import mode section, you can select the type of import you want to perform.
Mode Why Choose This Option
Action Example
Import only missing definitions Choose this if you only want to import element that don’t already exists in your profile This will import definitions that are not present in the current profile and all referenced elements. Your profile doesn’t have a ADT_A01 trigger event you’d like to add from HL7 v2.6.
Replace all definitions Choose this if you need to replace all existing definitions with the imported definitions. Replace existing elements by imported elements. This means that you’ll overwrite current definitions. The segment definition will change to the imported definition. Your profile has an ADT_A08 definition that would like to replace by the one from v2.6.
Blend definitions Choose this if you need to import a definition from another profile, but also need to keep all definitions from both profiles. This will import all selected and referenced definitions and will duplicated all elements that are different. Your profile has a custom ADT_AZZ definition from one source system. A second source system uses a different definition. You need to code an interface for both definitions.


Add a New, Undefined Event

You can add an event or message without segments, fields, associated data types, or tables. These elements must be defined later. Use this method when the event to be specified has not been formally defined in the HL7 standard.

  1. In the Document pane, double-click on the profile you want to edit. Right-click on the first node and select Add, Trigger Event. A new trigger event is added.


  2. Rename the trigger event and add a description.

Once you have added trigger events, you can edit segments, fields, and data types within your profile. See Editing a Profile for more information.