Pofiles Module JavaScript API

The Profiles module allows you to access your Caristix Library’s conformance profiles. The conformance profiles can be accessed as Profile objects.


The Profiles module exposes methods for obtaining Profile objects.


getProfile(path: string): Profile

Returns the Profile that matches the provided path in the Caristix Library.

var profile = Profiles.getProfile('HL7Reference/HL7 v2.5.1.cxp');
// Should return the HL7v2.5.1 Profile from the library

getReferenceProfile(): Profile

Returns the reference profile set in the application's options.

var referenceProfile = Profiles.getReferenceProfile();



The Profile object allows you to fetch data from a conformance profile.


getTable(tableId: string): Table

Returns a table object if the table exists, otherwise it returns null.

var administrativeSexTable= profile.getTable('0001');
// Should return the 0001 - Administrative Sex table



The Table object allows you to access the properties about a given table in a conformance profile, as well as access its entries.


name: string

The name of the table.

var tableName =;
// tableName should be "Administrative Sex"

values: TableEntry[]

An array containing all of the table’s entries.

var entries = administrativeSexTable.values;
// entries should be the table entries corresponding to the values A, F, M, etc.


contains(value: string): bool

Returns true if the given value exists in the table’s entries. This method is case-sensitive.

var containsM = administrativeSexTable.contains('M');
// Should return true

get(value: string): TableEntry

Returns the first entry which matches the provided value. If none are found, returns null.

var maleEntry = administrativeSexTable.get('M');
// Should return the M TableEntry



The TableEntry object allows you to access the details of a table’s entry.


label: string

The display name of the table entry.

var maleLabel = maleEntry.label;
// maleLabel should be "Male"

value: string

The Value of the table entry.

var maleValue = maleEntry.value;
// maleValue should be "M"


getExtraContentValue(columnName: string): bool

Returns the given custom-column property value.

var deprecated = maleEntry.getExtraContentValue('DEPRECATED');
// Should return false

toString(): string

Returns the string value of a table entry.

var stringValue = maleEntry.toString();
// Should return "M"