Edit Dataflow

Dataflow information can be edited using the top-right section of the Diagram Editor


The logical name of the dataflow.

Display Name

The name used to represent the dataflow in the diagram.


A description of the dataflow.

Edit dataflow path

Continue a dataflow

To continue a dataflow already created, right-click on the last segment item of the dataflow (an arrow) and click on Unlink…

Then select the other items to include. When you’re done, right-click in a blank area and click Confirm Dataflow.

Split a dataflow

You can split an already created dataflow into two parts.

Simply right-click on one of the segment items where you want to make the split (a dot or an arrow). Then  continue adding items to the current dataflow or confirm the change.

Merge two dataflows

While editing a dataflow, you can merge it with an existing dataflow to create a single entry.

When in edit mode, instead of adding new items, click on the first segment of another dataflow (on the dot in the middle of the segment).