Managing Files

Open messages

  1. Click File, Open, Messages… . The application opens a dialog box to add one or more log files.
  2. Select messages from files
    1. Click the + sign, then navigate to select one or more files. (You can use the usual Windows command Ctrl + left-click to select multiple files.) Click Open to add the files.
    2. Optional: Check Use Large File mode  when loading files above 10MB in size. (This option is selected automatically if file size reaches 25 MB. It will also deactivate the Sort, Replace and Edit Message features.)
  3. Alternative: Select messages from a database or Connector
    1. Click on the Database tab and select a Data Source. Click on Sources… to configure a Data Source.
  4. Click Next in the Open Log Files dialog box.

Save a File

This function lets you save a log file or save filtered or sorted results. You would save results in order to document an issue or explain message flow to a colleague or customer.

  1. On the Main Menu, click File, Save, Messages…
  2. Enter a file name.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Your file is saved as a .hl7 file.

(The Save command is also available in the right-click dropdown menu.)

By default, Pinpoint saves the file to the My Documents folder.  To save the file to a different location, select another folder on your computer or network. You can also save by right-clicking within the Messages area. A dropdown menu appears. Select Save Messages.

Close Files

  1. On the Main Menu, click File, Close.
  2. If you haven’t saved your file, you will be prompted to save.