Synchronizing a Profile

When you publish a profile report to Word, you may need to edit descriptions in Word then save those edits to the corresponding profile. This is done using the Synchronize function.

  1. In Microsoft Word, edit the report. You can edit text descriptions and information in tables. Do not edit headings or titles.
  2. Save the document in Word.
  3. Close the document.
  4. Navigate to Caristix Workgroup. In the Documents view, click PROFILE, Synchronize… .
  5. Select the Word document you just edited and click Open. This will save changes you made in tables and description field in the Word document back to the original profile. (Note that the .docx document will not be opened in Microsoft Word in order to synchronize it)


The synchronization feature uses internal Word document markups so it can relate any change to the right profile section.  When updating the document, make sure the document structure is preserved. It is suggested that you experiment with this functionality before starting document updates on a large scale.  For instance:

  • New sections (new trigger events, segment or else) added will not contain required internal markups, so will not be synchronized back to the library.
  • When adding new elements to a table, make sure you add a new row to the table (not just add a new line).
  • Copying sections using copy/paste would potentially duplicate internal markups.