Validate HL7® Interfaces

Caristix Capabilities

  • Create and run tests with clinically realistic data, based on your messages.
  • Create test data from production data, removing confidential patient data and protected health information (PHI).
  • Send and receive test messages; simulate your production environment.

Caristix software enables your team to validate an interface using realistic data and workflows prior to go-live. Automatically generate and manage test cases and scenarios from specifications, instead of relying on trial and error or ad hoc clinician testing. Use clinician time more effectively, and free busy nurses, pharmacists, and physicians from weeks-long interface testing. Create the right volume of test data to support test coverage – coverage that would be impossible with manual testing techniques.


  • Reduce validation time by as much as 75% over manual workflows.
  • Accelerate time to deployment while reducing test-to-production costs.
  • Free up clinical resources and minimize departmental disruption.

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