Speed HL7® Interface Coding and Editing

Caristix Capabilities

  • Use your fully scoped specification to speed the creation or editing of interfaces in your engine of choice.
  • Capture interface configuration code: version it, save it, and link it to related documentation.


Caristix software lets team members document the interfaces they’re building – including network specifics. No more dealing with hard-to-find offline network designs, combing through email archives, and managing multiple document versions. With Caristix technology, your team builds the right interface from the get-go, and they easily document exactly what they did with the engine. Even better, all interface specifications are available in a centralized interface configuration repository, so new team members and third-party vendors can jump right in when they come on board.


  • Eliminate trial-and-error interface coding, with dramatically reduced process waste.
  • Share specifications, configurations, and documentation across the entire team.
  • Cut out back-and-forth with third-party consultants and vendors (collaboration and documentation issues).

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