Release notes

Release Notes

Version 3.6.15375.34

What’s new?

  • Data filtering on the Table Library’s entries. [how-to video]


  • The HL7 special character escape sequences no longer cause field offset.
  • The message comparison feature now consider missing and empty components/sub-components as equivalent only if the setting ‘Treat missing and empty fields as equivalent’ is checked.
  • Don’t flag missing component/sub-component as conformance errors for “DataType: VARIES” fields, e.g. OBX.5.

Version 3.6.15300.33

What’s new?

  • Allow entering a custom repetition count while editing conformance profile’s segments and fields. [how-to video]
  • Improved XML de-identification process scalability.

Version 3.6.15260.32

What’s new?