Setting Options

Options in Scenario Editor

Before starting to use the Scenario Editor, review Options to ensure your setup is appropriate for your testing and validation.

From the Main Menu, click Tools, then Options in the drop-down menu that appears.


A new Options window opens. Three tabs are available: Logging, Reference Profile, Default Connections. Scroll below for details.



  • Log Execution: if the location varies from the default, Browse to the location required and enter the file name. If you uncheck the Log Execution box, you will not generate an execution report; we recommend leaving this box checked for full product functionality.
  • Log Error:  if the location varies from the default, Browse to the location required and enter the file name.  If you uncheck this box, you will not log application errors; we recommend leaving this box checked for better product support.

Reference Profile

  • HL7 Profile Library: Reference conformance profiles based on the HL7 standard are located here. If the profiles you create with Caristix Conformance are not here, browse to the appropriate location and click Open to change the library location. This will change the list of available profiles when you create HL7 messages for testing.

Default Connections


The Scenario Editor can perform tasks against a database. For instance, you can execute a SQL query to validate against expected results; or you can instantiate a variable from a data set. These settings enable you to set up database connection library and select a default database. You can also set the default connection for HL7 tasks.

  • Select a default connection from the dropdown list.
  • To change the list of database connections, click the Connections button.
  • Fill out Database Connections dialog box:
  • To add a new connection, click New.
  • Edit connection name as needed.
  • Choose the database type.
  • Fill corresponding connection informations.
  • Click the Test button to test the database connection.
  • To delete a connection, click Delete.
  • Click OK to save changes.