Managing Files

File Types in Cloak

De-id Rules File

The de-identification settings in the Fields and Data Types tabs can be saved and reused. Cloak loads the last used de-id rules file when the program is opened. The default de-id rules will be used the first time, it contains the fields and data types that cover the 18 HIPAA identifiers that must be de-identified.

HL7 Messages

These are the HL7 messages you load in Cloak for de-identification.

File Menu

  • New de-id rules – Start a new de-id rules configuration
  • Open de-id rules – Browse to and open an existing de-id rules file
  • Open messages – Browse to and open log file to de-identify. Alternative: messages can also be extracted from a database or a Connector (click on the Database tab and select a Data Source)
  • Save de-id rules – Save the current de-id rules
  • Save de-id rules as – Save a rules file for reuse
  • Close de-id rules – Close a de-id rules file
  • Close Messages –  Close an open log file
  • Configure Cloak WebService – Configure the Cloak WebService stand-alone application (contact for more information)
  • De-identify – After review, de-identify an open log file
  • Quit – Quit Caristix Cloak