Use original value

This generator is to be used when you don’t want a data element to be changed.  Here are two use case examples.

Use Case #1

  • Make sure this field is not changed and
  • Make sure the field is listed in the De-identification Process Report to underline that the field was not de-identified

Use Case #2

  • De-identify all fields with XPN data type except for the attending doctor
MSH|^~&|SYSTEM-A|1 |||20100404210829||ADT^A01|20100404000000645509|P|2.3|||||CA|ASCII
EVN|A01|201004042108||129|Interface^HL7 Interface|201004042106
PID|0001|ID53572812^^^|0126271^^^^^1||SMITH^JOHN||195307280000|M|SMITH^JOHN||1 FIFTH AVENUE^NEW YORK^NEW YORK^^33333^USA^P^53052^16||(555)555-5555|(555)555-5555|^|2|||238898464|||||||||C1||N
PV1|0001|I|2C^2322^2322-0^1^^^^^3|1|50386||1083278^MCFEE,MIKE^^^^^||||||||||1083278^MCFEE, MIKE|1|50386|1||||||||||||||||||||||||201004042106||||||||


If the data type Extended Person Name (XPN) is part of the list of data types to de-identify, you might need to preserve some of the fields using this data type.

Data Type
XPN 2 – Given Name Excel File
FN 1 – Surname Excel File
Segment Field Component Subcomponent ID Generator
PV1 7 – Attending Doctor       Use Original Value


Using this configuration, you would make sure all names are de-identified except the attending doctor’s name.

MSH|^~&|SYSTEM-A|1 |||20100404210829||ADT^A01|20100404000000645509|P|2.3|||||CA|ASCII
PID|0001|ID53572812^^^|0126271^^^^^1||Johnson^Deborah||195307280000|M|Johnson^Deborah||1 FIFTH AVENUE^NEW YORK^NEW YORK^^33333^USA^P^53052^16||(555)555-5555|(555)555-5555|^|2|||238898464|||||||||C1||N
PV1|0001|I|2C^2322^2322-0^1^^^^^3|1|50386||1083278^MCFEE, MIKE^^^^^||||||||||1083278^Johnson|1|50386|1||||||||||||||||||||||||201004042106||||||||