View and Edit HL7 Messages

View and Edit HL7 messages using the Caristix Pinpoint software

Extract all messages associated with a patient

Learn how to extract messages associated with a single patient from a large set of HL7 messages

Filter messages based on field value

You’ll learn how to find the HL7 message of interest using filters.

Filter messages based on trigger event

Learn how to select and filter messages based on trigger events.

Remove segments from messages

You’ll see how to quickly filter segments from messages.

Sort HL7 messages

Learn how to quickly order HL7 messages based on message field values.

Open messages from a database

You’ll learn how to load HL7 messages stored in a database.

Open messages from your integration engine

Learn how to load HL7 messages from a Mirth/NextGen® Connect channel.

Get reports on HL7 data

Learn how to quickly create reports with HL7 data using Caristix Pinpoint

Customize delimiters

The application comes with a set of de-identification rules. Those rules describe what field contains PHI and how to generate new data. Sometimes, you may need to add or modify rules to and manage customizations. Here’s how.