HL7-Definition V2

By | Published: November 7th, 2019

Hello HL7 community, we’ve decided to give the old HL7-Definition reference website its well-deserved retirement. We’re now proud to introduce the new and improved HL7-Definition V2 website.

We’ve been asking for your feedback for the last few months, and for a good reason :-). By popular demand, we’ve included some new features, including: 

More detailed specification descriptions
Standard HTTPS, removing the need to use custom ports
A more convenient and user-friendly search feature
Improved overall performance
Mobile friendly

Coming soon

Offline support
Message decoder – See field names in [...]

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Release Notes – Caristix 3.5

By | Published: July 14th, 2015


There is a new module, called Diagram Editor. This module replaces the current Interface View and includes many requested features such as:

Create and share multiple diagrams
Add metadata for dataflow endpoints
Reconnect a dataflow to a new system
Insert a new system in an existing dataflow
Set a display name for systems
View your systems and dataflow as a grid
Enhanced dataflow discovery (Connectors)



Introducing new modules for CDA/CCD/XML messaging.

Edit and Validate
Search and Filter



Added “CCD – Continuity of Care” Conformance Profile
Export any grid’s content as [...]

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Release Notes – Caristix 3.2

By | Published: October 22nd, 2014

Caristix release 3.2 is a broad release of additional features through the range of Caristix products from Workgroup through the individual HL7 modules, Cloak, Conformance, Pinpoint and Test.  We’ve put some additional focus on Test as we continue to add features that accelerate test creation and test execution to help you get your interfaces into production faster.

New HL7 Messaging Feature

Support file drag-and-drop in the Message Gap to quickly compare message files

New DeId Features

Preformat the source value of a generator or [...]

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Overcoming CDA and CCD Barriers

By | Published: August 13th, 2014


In the design of Meaningful use, C-CDA – especially CCD – was supposed to solve the pressing issues in healthcare concerning interoperability and data exchange problems. But it’s just not turning out that way.

Emerging Major Data Exchange Problems

One recent study found 11 interoperability barriers relative to C-CDA. This is of concern and it’s a concern that integration analysts and developers will have to address in their work.  How does an organization deal with the mismatch of specific patient information? What [...]

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Release Notes – Caristix 3.1

By | Published: June 27th, 2014

This release is focused on test automation within the Caristix platform. We’ve developed significant new features to accelerate test creation and test execution. This will help you get your interfaces into production faster.


These new features add a lot of power to the Caristix platform. To get started on using them, check out our new test automation tutorial series.

New Test Automation Features
More granular control on test execution

Add timing intervals (before and after execution) at the Task level (just like Actions and [...]

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What is One-Hour Interoperability?

By | Published: April 15th, 2014

The Status Quo

This is the world interface analysts, developers, and quality testers work in:

2 weeks to get a list of code values for a single field
1 week to get a list of custom field formats like lab order codes
20 hours to code a schema in an engine from a spec in Excel
9 days on gap analysis
30 days to test a 10-minute code change
8 versions of a spec before it’s baked enough for development

Productivity with Caristix

With our software, especially with the [...]

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Release Notes – Caristix 3.0

By | Published: April 8th, 2014

We’re excited! This is a major release for the entire Caristix platform with significant new features.

New Features

Message Comparison: compare messages one-on-one. Do a deeper form of gap analysis on content in addition to format.
Re-engineered Gap Analysis

Pre-set Gap Analysis Filters to speed up gap analysis work. Set a filter based on message flow or directly compare product versions.
Filters help you identify the gaps that matter the most, with far fewer clicks.
Reduced noise on Usage attribute. Default to “Optional” whenever needed, for [...]

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Point-and-Click Interface Engine Migration

By | Published: February 19th, 2014

Announcing Caristix Converters

We gave you a sneek peak at our new Caristix technology, converters, in a previous blog post, Cutting Interface Costs, Continued. In this blog post, we discussed a big area where interface costs are extremely high: migrating from a legacy interface engine to a newer engine technology.

We had several customers tell us that out connectors were saving them a lot of programming time. But was there a way to use the connectors to migrate their interfaces? Now, there [...]

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Release Notes – Caristix 2.9

By | Published: January 8th, 2014

Bug fixes

Several corrections to the HL7 v2.7 reference profile


Sort, Create New Folder, and Refresh Library are available through a right-click contextual menu from the blank area in Document Library.
In the Gap Analysis Workbench, the tree view behavior is now simpler. There are two basic states (unselected and selected with child nodes) and one advanced state (selected without child nodes). To select a node without its children, use SHIFT+click or the right-click menu.
In the Profile Editor, Data Distribution now lets you [...]

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Additional Release Notes: Caristix v2.8

By | Published: December 5th, 2013

Information for Cloak and Workgroup Users

With our recent v2.8 update, we made the default de-identification rules more robust. You’ll need to add fewer rules manually. But this means your default de-id rules are going to look different than previous versions. Here are some answers to some of the questions you might have.

What’s the change?

Unlike older versions, there is no single default de-id rule file. Default de-id rules are now HL7-version-based and will adjust to whatever HL7 v2.x version you pick [...]

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