Release Notes – Caristix 3.5


There is a new module, called Diagram Editor. This module replaces the current Interface View and includes many requested features such as:

  • Create and share multiple diagrams
  • Add metadata for dataflow endpoints
  • Reconnect a dataflow to a new system
  • Insert a new system in an existing dataflow
  • Set a display name for systems
  • View your systems and dataflow as a grid
  • Enhanced dataflow discovery (Connectors)



Introducing new modules for CDA/CCD/XML messaging.

  • De-identification
  • Edit and Validate
  • Search and Filter



  • Added “CCD – Continuity of Care” Conformance Profile
  • Export any grid’s content as Excel, PDF or CSV using the shortcut [CRTL+E]
  • Loading a Document Library containing a lot of documents was slow



  • Detect message flow using a custom identifier



  • Message Comparison  – Support Copy/Paste



  • De-identification – Detect and keep original format when a Date-Time is de-identified
  • De-identification – Skip first rows in Excel and Text File generators
  • Message Definition – Add filtering capability
  • Message List – Show legal values associated with fields with Right-Click
  • Message List – Show field’s definition with Right-Click
  • Message List – Export messages as CSV or XML
  • Message Editor – Generate missing segments on demand
  • Search and Filter – Open message logs from FTP



  • Results tab – Show execution results / status for each iteration at run-time
  • Save / Re-run a specific test result
  • Database validation
  • Criteria Editor – Get values from a previous sent/received HL7 message
  • Support CDA/CCD/XML messaging in tasks
  • Send HL7 Message Task – Add an option to ignore ACK/NACK
  • Allow String / HL7 / XML validations for any type of task
  • Surround variable values in SQL Queries are not surrounded in quotes