Workgroup Live

Caristix launches new “Live” applications to assist customers in their integration journey

Posted May 11, 2021, by the Caristix Team

Over the decade, Caristix has been evolving its suite of data integration smart tools helping the healthcare market across the globe tackle their interoperability challenges.

Caristix co-founder / CEO Jean-Luc Morin recently stated, “Like all best-in-class software companies, Caristix’s main objective is to continually invest its software development and support efforts equally across the suite of applications. As of May, I’m pleased to announce new and existing customers can purchase the “Live” version of Workgroup, Cloak, Conformance, Pinpoint, and Message Maker.”

Caristix “Live” applications enable you to read HL7 messages, decode & validate HL7, perform gap analysis, edit messages, de-identify patient-ID, and test HL7 interfaces.

New key functionalities are FHIR Server test scenarios capability, convert HL7v2 ER7 data to HL7v2-XML or vice versa, create custom JavaScript validation rules for a specific trigger-event, segment, or datatype, and many more.

If you’re a new or existing customer evaluating interoperability tools, consider Caristix value proposition

 1) Accelerating Health Data Integration in less time & costs with more efficiency.

 2) Perform Health Data Quality with integrity, accuracy, and privacy.

 3) Enabling Health Data Standards improving interoperability.


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