Workgroup Software Demo Webinar: Part 5

A 16-minute Introduction to Caristix Workgroup: Part Five

When you work with patient data, you need to be vigilant about protecting privacy. Caristix Workgroup software covers the critical concern of removing PHI from HL7 data. The de-identification capabilities in Workgroup let you remove protected health information from production data and replace patient names, identifiers, and related data with either blanks or dummy data. This means the message flow looks and acts like realistic data with all customizations, Z-segments, and non-standard field lengths — even in OBX fields with text-based notes.

So analysts and testers will catch crucial interfacing issues and avoid delaying project delivery along with increasing costs and resource demands.

In Part 5 (2 minutes), you’ll learn:

  • How a simple 4-step process lets you generate clinically valid data for interface development,testing and analytics
  • Which features let you remain compliant with your organization’s HIPAA PHI policies and procedures
  • How you can cover all 18 HIPAA identifiers in your data
  • The one-click button to create de-identification reports for your audit and quality needs

Missed the first four parts?

In Part 1 (4 minutes) we introduced you to Workgroup, what exactly it is and why and who we designed it for.

In Part 2 (4 minutes) take a deeper dive into Workgroup functionality, and see how to speed up the requirements-gathering or scoping process, while dramatically increasing interface quality.

In Part 3 (3 minutes) see how to automate your documentation within Workgroup and simplify Gap Analysis step-by-step.

In Part 4 (2 minutes) learn about the automatic testing capabilities within Workgroup, using your workflow to drive validation.

The Full 16-minute Webinar

Like what you saw in the parts above? The full webinar – just 16 minutes and not the usual 30 or 60 – is available for viewing on-demand right now. Click this link to see the full video.

For more information about Workgroup, visit the Workgroup product page.

We’d be glad to take you through a more involved demo or proof of concept. Contact us at or call us at 418- 872-4000.