Workgroup Software Demo Webinar: Part 3

A 16-minute Introduction to Caristix Workgroup: Part Three

Not much time? That’s why we’re offering our 16-minute webinar on Caristix Workgroup Software in small easy-to-consume pieces for quick viewing.

In Part 3 (3 minutes), we introduce you to:

  • The documentation strengths of Caristix Workgroup software
  • Automatic Gap Analysis, for easy mapping table creation

In case you missed the first two parts:

In Part 1  (4-minutes), we introduced you to Workgroup , what exactly it is and why and who we designed it for.

In Part 2 (4-minutes), we take a deeper dive into Workgroup functionality, focusing on Scoping and creating a spec/profile including reverse engineering.


The Full 16-minute Webinar

Like what you saw in the parts above? The full webinar – just 16 minutes and not the usual 30 or 60 – is available for viewing on-demand right now. Click this link to see the full video.

For more information, about Workgroup, visit the Workgroup product page.

We’d be glad to take you through a more involved demo or proof of concept. Contact us at or call us at 418- 872-4000.