Gap Analysis in HL7 Interface Deployment, Part 2

By | Published: August 3rd, 2010

In Part 1 of this series on HL7 gap analysis, I covered the need to identify gaps before starting to configure an interface, and explained why gaps happen. Today, I’m going to talk about gap analysis steps and the limitations you need to plan for.

Gap Analysis Steps 1. Obtain vendor conformance profile. Vendor analysts start out with an HL7 conformance profile for the product they’re deploying. The profile documents the specific trigger events and segments used by the application. It [...]

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Gap Analysis in HL7 Interface Deployment, Part 1

By | Published: July 27th, 2010

Nine times out of ten when a hospital deploys a new software system, the new system will need to exchange data with existing information systems in order to deliver on expected value. Even with fully integrated vendors like Epic and others, hospitals still have data from flowsheets from monitoring systems and medical devices to pull in through an interface.

Many vendors provide connectivity libraries and most hospital deploy interface engines to cope with connectivity and interfacing issues. But before they can [...]

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Pinpoint Software for HL7 Interface Gap Analysis

By | Published: July 19th, 2010

We’ve had great feedback from early users of Pinpoint software. They aren’t just using Pinpoint for interface troubleshooting. They’re also incorporating the software into their gap analysis workflow. In this context, gap analysis is the process of documenting the HL7 interface gaps between new software and legacy systems.

Here’s one way Pinpoint can make this process a little quicker.

Start with a Message Log Analysts usually start with a raw message log from the provider, covering a few days of transactions. The [...]

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HL7 Interface Troubleshooting? Introducing Pinpoint Software

By | Published: July 8th, 2010

Now that we’ve gone live with our new website, we’ve also launched our first product, Caristix™ Pinpoint software for troubleshooting HL7 interfaces.

What Does Pinpoint Do?

If you’ve ever received an HL7 message log with thousands of messages and segments, you know you’re in for a few hours of scrolling… just to find a handful of messages that you need for a troubleshooting task. Pinpoint lets you find the target messages in a few minutes rather than a few hours.

Who Is Pinpoint [...]

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Introducing the Caristix Blog

By | Published: July 1st, 2010

Hello and welcome to the new Caristix blog! In this first post, we’ll cover a little background about what you can expect from this blog. And we’ll introduce the people who’ll be writing here.

HL7 Is Where It’s At

We’ll be covering interfaces, integration, and interoperability in healthcare information technology. Topics will include:

software development and testing. What makes healthcare so different? We’ll be talking about that.
HL7 interface scoping and configuration. HL7 is all about configurability. Which is why… Every. Single. Implementation. Is. [...]

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