Guest Post on Healthcare IT Guy

Jean-Luc Morin, VP R&D at Caristix, has a guest post on Shahid Shah’s blog, Healthcare IT Guy. Shahid’s top-ranked blog covers healthcare IT, EMR, EHR, PHR, medical content, and document management.

Jean-Luc’s article covers 6 questions hospital CIOs and IT directors should be asking vendors about interface documentation.

Here’s an excerpt:

At first glance, documentation doesn’t seem like a CIO-level concern. In a typical implementation cycle, the team gets a few specs from a vendor. Someone signs off on an interface configuration document. Then you implement and go-live. The role of documentation in the larger scheme of things? Seems like a project management checkbox at best.

But it isn’t.

Your vendor’s interface documentation practices can have a major impact on the speed and success of implementation and on the maintainability of your new system after go-live.

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