Overcoming CDA and CCD Barriers

By | Published: August 13th, 2014


In the design of Meaningful use, C-CDA – especially CCD – was supposed to solve the pressing issues in healthcare concerning interoperability and data exchange problems. But it’s just not turning out that way.

Emerging Major Data Exchange Problems

One recent study found 11 interoperability barriers relative to C-CDA. This is of concern and it’s a concern that integration analysts and developers will have to address in their work.  How does an organization deal with the mismatch of specific patient information? What [...]

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Sneak Peek – New Caristix CDA Functionality

By | Published: July 17th, 2014

Brian Ahier is right

Before you read any further, please go right now and check out what health data exchange expert Brian Ahier has to say about C-CDA on the HIStalk blog.  He is right on the money about the need to clear up the problems with CDA/C-CDA documents. Once you’ve read his article, come back here and you’ll get exactly why  we’re building our new CDA functionality around gap analysis.

A bit of context. A few weeks back we talked about [...]

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Resources for CDA, CCD, and Consolidated CDA Documents

By | Published: May 7th, 2014

In our discussions with vendors and providers on these new standards, we’ve seen a wide range of learning curves. Some people are just getting started, while others are knee-deep in live exchange. What are the tools and resources that are out there? This blog post gives you a handy list  of resources for CDA, CCD and consolidated CDA documents to get started.

Start with HL7 International

HL7 International is the standards developing organization for healthcare data exchange and integration. They provide the [...]

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Gap Analysis and CCD Document Specification

By | Published: April 28th, 2014

Bridging the Gaps

In a previous post on CCD, C-CDA, and CDA, we compared HL7 v2 messaging to CCD development. This week’s article is about the biggest roadblock with CCD document specification: gap analysis.

What is Gap Analysis?

Simply put, gap analysis is about understanding the differences in the data between two systems. The output of a gap analysis process is a list of all the differences between two systems charted in a requirements document. With HL7 v2 messaging, many organizations create their [...]

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HL7v2 to CCD

By | Published: April 22nd, 2014

Confused? Start with What You Know

Over the past few months, we’ve heard a lot from our hospital-based customers about CCD and C-CDA readiness. There’s more urgency with Meaningful Use Stage 2 deadlines, even with the extension.

But the funny thing is: hardly anyone ever says, darn, but this is confusing.

Sometimes people express their frustration. “What the heck are those regulators doing? Why are they pushing more stuff at us, when we’re barely able to keep up as it is?”

Others bury their [...]

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