Remove PHI in HL7

PHI is removed and data can still be analyzed

You may want to manage Patient Health Information (PHI) in several project types:

  • Create test data when testing new HL7 interfaces
  • Populate a test environment using production data
  • Send HL7 messages to an AI learning machines
  • Share sensitive data with 3rd party while not sharing PHI


De-Identify HL7 Messages

Caristix Cloak is the best tool to protect PHI in HL7 messages. The software can replace PHI with new patient identities generated at run time. Patient history is preserved and cannot be related to the actual patient anymore.

The application comes with a set of de-identification rules. Those rules are following HIPAA guidance and describe what fields contain PHI and how to replace data. It’s out of the box.



Customizing De-id Rules

If your HL7 contains customized fields or are not fully HL7 standard compliant, customize the rules. No coding needed. Here’s how.



De-Identifying Free Text

Free text like lab reports and notes may contain PHI. It important to manage them when de-identifying data. See how easy you can do it with the Caristix application.



De-Identifying Messages in a Production Environment

Use the Caristix application to de-identify live feed in production so data can be forwarded to a test environment or a 3rd party while protecting PHI all in real time and automatically.

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