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Caristix Pinpoint – HL7 tool to View, Search and Edit HL7 messages

Caristix Pinpoint is the fastest and most effective HL7 tool on the market. It helps you manage large HL7 volumes easily. No coding!

  1. View & Edit HL7 Messages
  2. Extract all messages associated with a patient
  3. Filter messages based on field value
  4. Filter messages based on trigger event
  5. Remove segments from messages
  6. Sort HL7 messages
  7. Open messages from a database
  8. Open messages from your integration engine
  9. Customize delimiters


View and Edit HL7 Messages

Caristix Pinpoint helps you view and edit HL7 messages. It helps you focus on the data instead of the message structure by removing all the delimiter management. It also let you know in real-time when your change is not valid. See how easy it is!



Extract all messages associated with a patient

Want to quickly extract messages related to a specific patient? This HL7 tool is the fastest. Just right-click the field and all messages related to the patients are filtered out. Quick and easy!



Filter messages based on field value

Extracting HL7 messages associated with a patient is nice but you can do the same using any field. Just right-click the field you want to filter your data on. Applying this on several fields, complex filtering can be accomplished in a few seconds. See how in the short video just below:



Filter messages based on trigger event

If you are looking for specific trigger events, use this HL7 tool to extract them. You could also filter some out if you don’t need them. It’s an easy way to extract testing messages. Just select the ones you want!



Remove segments from messages

The same way as with trigger events, filter out segments you don’t support or just want to get rid of. See them disappearing as you unselect them within the list.



Sort HL7 messages

Sorting transactions so you can follow what happened could be tricky when dealing with several files. Caristix Pinpoint resolves this by providing a way to sort all the messages. Sort them based on the date of any other value in a few clicks.



Open messages from a database

Caristix Pinpoint can load HL7 from files, directory, your integration engine but also from a database. So, if messages are stored in a database table, you can query that table to retrieve data you want to view. No coding!



Open messages from your integration engine

The Pinpoint HL7 tool can also retrieve messages directly from your integration engine if you have the Caristix-Connector installed. Connectors are available for Mirth Connect, Rhapsody, Ensemble, Iguana and e*Gate. See how it works in the following video.



Customize delimiters

Sometimes, systems would not use the message and/or segment delimiters recommended by the standard. If it’s the case, HL7 tools would not be able to parse messages and display them correctly unless you configure what the delimiters should be used. The next video explains how to do it. Using this configuration, you can even use this capability to find and extract HL7 from files containing mixed data. For instance, the next video shows how to read HL7 from a JSON file.



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